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Transform your church

Tim Storey Author/Speaker/Life Coach

I am excited about Nicole and everything she is doing to give people a life lift. I am convinced that everyone does better when they have the right mentor and coach. Nicole's style and years of research are changing lives. 

If you or your company are ready for a power surge and amazing transformation, Nicole is the one to make it happen. 


As a new church plant it can be so overwhelming. However Nicole has been with us and for us every step of the way.

She has had such a profound impact on our lives as leaders.

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transform your church


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Let's talk!

Let's talk!

Is that you??? Ministry does not have to be THIS stressful! You do not have to do this alone. If you are looking for connections and relationships with other pastors that not only care, but are competent, let's talk! 

According to Barna 46% of pastors last year said they were seriously considering quitting full-time ministry.

Let's talk!

Let's talk!

There is POWER in partnership! You can be the right person with the right plan but you need the right partners. We partner with and come alongside senior pastors to develop and mobilize a HIGH IMPACT "ALL-IN" HEALTHY executive leadership team.

 Only 9% of pastors would say "My church leadership is very good at developing leaders."

Let's talk!

Let's talk!

 We've developed a leadership pipeline designed to mobilize and fully engage every Christian in your church to run with the vision God has given you. 

 According to Barna, only 17% of all "church going" christians even know what The Great Commission is and less than 2% are disciple makers. 

Let's talk!

Let's talk!

Do you want your church to grow? According to Barna three out of four U.S. adults say they want to grow spiritually! We must train the christians in our churches on how to share the gospel in their regular life. We've got the tools!  

 John Maxwell says the 53% of the lost are never going to come to our churches

Pastor's Kyle and Randi Evans Senior Pastors The Way Church

She has been a breath of fresh air to us and to the people of our church. Her relentless focus on the Great Commission and passion for the lost truly sets her apart. Nicole's strategic approach and personal touch would benefit anyone looking to grow in their leadership. It's a game changer!"

It's hard to articulate the impact Nicole has had on our life and ministry. 

Bishop Clint Brown

There are many people that consult for compensation but there are a few that do it because they care. Pastor Nicole is absolutely part of the few. She arrived at Judah Church in Orlando Florida with compassion for those we must reach and a competent plan for my staff and volunteers to be able to reach them. Get her, you wont regret it.

Her passion for taking the vision of the senior pastor and turning it into a reality through excellence is unmatched

Pastor Brianna and Mark Lumpkin: Senior Pastors of New Life Church

I will forever be grateful that God brought Nicole into our lives. Every pastor needs someone who really cares, who really prays who really encourages them. From day one Nicole has done all of those things for Brianna and I. She has prayed with us, and over us, EVEN OUR KIDS. We wouldn’t be the leaders we are without her! We would highly recommend her to absolutely anyone in Ministry.

I had no idea how much of an impact she would have on our church.

Pastor Grace Lim and Pastor Nicholas Hung: Senior Pastors of Antioch Gospel Church

Pastor Nicole's persona and her relatable, practical insights of wisdom are an inspiration to people of all ages and backgrounds to serve Jesus and fulfill His higher purpose and potential in life.

Pastor Nicole has a huge heart and passion for mobilizing the church for the mission - her zeal and excitement for evangelism are truly contagious.

Pastors Arthur and Unique Arce: Pastors of The House

Since then, they are just as excited as we are to church plant. She has spoken so much life into our ministry. We are thankful for her! She’s very passionate about what she does.

Pastor Nicole helped us to cast vision with our team and to better communicate with our leaders.

Dr. Doug Peterson PhD-Margaret Smith Distinguished Professor Director, Graduate Programs in Theology and Leadership Vanguard University

She is creative, enthusiastic, and committed about everything she does. Nicole has a unique capacity to grab the attention of her audience (large or small). She’s a storyteller. Her stories are about real life with a good mix of theology. Nicole’s passion and love for the Lord is simply contagious.

Nicole is a firebrand for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Rudy Cerullo II

Over the span of my life, I have been privileged to be a part of the healing revivals of the 1950's and the 1960's, and then the waves of the Charismatic revivals since the 1970's to date. I love how our Lord always shows up and shows off, to save, deliver and heal...Get ready, because His next revival is just on the horizon! Rarely in my life, have I been privileged to work with someone like Pastor Nicole, who genuinely has a heart to evangelize lost souls...her fervor and passion are like characterizing great revivalists from the past!

Her fervor and passion are like characterizing great revivalists from the past!

Dr. Macchia

It is a joy to know her and to have contributed to the next phase of her life's mission!

It is clear to me that Nicole has wedded intellectual preparation with a heart that is passionate about ministry.


She will answer questions and help make connections for you to God and your community.

Pastor Nicole leads and teaches in a way that is raw and real.


Tim Storey calls Nicole, "a must-have speaker for any team that wants to experience real change."

Nicole has been called the “America’s Evangelism Expert.” With over 20 years in church ministry, she has been able to work with churches, business leaders, influencers, and celebrities to not only become authentic in their faith but to also share their faith in a way that is Bold, Real, Relational, Purposeful and Practical! She speaks at churches, conferences, executive retreats and corporate events.

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