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Nicole offers one-on-one coaching for anyone who wants personal training on how to fulfill the purpose of God on their life.

Coaching with Nicole

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Join this three month training where Nicole will meet with you and coach you every week on how to walk in your purpose. 

Do you know what your purpose is? Do you want practical help on how to fulfill it?

Wanda Beaver: R.N

I feel rejuvenated and joyful for the first time in a long time!

Pastor Nicole has coached me in how to walk in my purpose.

Stacey Chenevert: CEO Modern Day Eve

She will go above and beyond to help support, equip and challenge you to achieve everything God has called you to do.

Nicole is the coach you want to work with!

Life-Changing Results From Coaching With Nicole

Pastor Jodie Koopman: Pastor of New Life Kelowna

She gives so much of her time to love and bless people who love God and need someone to say, ‘You’re good! Keep going! 'She also knows how to help you see what you can not see, and how to point you in the right direction with the right resources and understanding on how to grow and bless your church and ministry. I highly recommend Pastor Nicole and who she is and what she carries. She has a heart of gold. She’s the real deal.

Pastor Nicole is a genuine human being and leader who encourages other leaders.

La’Kesha Lewis: Founder of the R.U.T.H Group

She makes my spiritual baby (vision) leap. She has given me the tools that make me feel like I can conquer the world. Pastor Nicole has helped me see the vision God has shown me more clearly and to go after it with passion and zeal. I am forever grateful for her wisdom and support. Make the move! Don’t delay set your meeting today!

What can I say about Pastor Nicole!!! She is amazing!

Christina Jolly: Host of Believe for Bigger Podcast

She shows up with an undeniable and infectious energy that reminds you anything is possible with God!! She reminded me that I am qualified and chosen to make an impact in this world. She helped me to get past my insecurities and be who I am without apologies. She is a great leader, and I was so blessed to call her my mentor.

Working with Pastor Nicole has been a game changer!

Pastor Mocha Davis: Youth Pastor

Faithful in her efforts to train and develop others. Opens your eyes to the truth of God’s plan for your life. Real and respectful in her approach to coaching. Communicates passionately provoking you to action. Empowers others to fulfill the Great Commission. It's top-notch, bar none coaching at its finest! Schedule your first session NOW! You won’t regret it!

Pastor Nicole is definitely a F.O.R.C.E. to be reckoned with!

Makenna Jarman: Assistant Cheer Coach

Her knowledge and passion helped me to get fired up about learning about Jesus and allowed me to form better habits to grow further in my faith and lead others to Jesus as well!

Nicole’s ministry helped me to reconnect to my faith and have a stronger relationship with God.


I am so blessed and grateful to be under her leadership in this season. Nicole has taken my God-given gifts and has helped transform and guide me into becoming a more wise and effective business leaders! Her wisdom, intercession and tactful leadership skills has catapulted me into my calling and helped me with my mission. She is a life changer and her coaching is changing my life and business.”

Nicole is a GAME-CHANGER!

Pastor Megan McCullum:
CEO Heels to Halos

Pastor Nicole has not only helped me see outside the box in making decisions for the ministry, but also how to plan strategically!

Sara b

 I was searching for a relationship with God and she helped me find Him.

Nicole was there for me when I was struggling by showing my compassion and guidance when I needed it most.

Alecia Ware

Pastor Nicole motivates, encourages, gives out spiritual vitamins, and pushes me harder when I feel like I have no fight left. I went from feeling lost and alone in the wilderness to feeling like I could take on the world, Pastor Nicole has empowered me to no longer feel defeated being a single mommy struggling just trying to get by. Instead she reminded me not to lose sight and realize that there’s a bigger picture, and a bigger purpose. She’s lit a fire within me so I can change my mindset, shift the trajectory of my life, and understand the assignment that God has trusted me with; “All 4 The One.” I can accomplish anything while leading people to Christ. Pastor Nicole is a walking Bible, Firecracker, Holy Spirited Filled, True Living Image of being the Hands and Feet of Christ.

Meeting Pastor Nicole has been a spiritual game changer on my Christian journey.

Christina Sclafani:
Sales Consultant

... but gave me all the reasons to see God in a new light, a light that put me on a path to save my life at the time. I'll be forever grateful for her. I have never been happier.

Nicole's leadership not only empowered me to do well at my job...


She explained how much God loved me in a way that I could finally forgive myself. She did this with clarity, exuberance and directness that moved me on my journey. I love her and value her ministry!

Nicole explained exactly why and how to have a relationship with God.

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